The Google Rat Race

Being in the webdesign industrie for years it still seems nowadays there’s still a lot of work to be done by designers to make the internet more beautiful. There are still an awful lot of ugly websites outthere. You’ll be surprised sometimes how many local big companies still have ugly websites. But there’s another problem which even more companies with ugly and/or beautiful websites aren’t even aware of. They just can’t be found on the internet with their website! With Google and other searchengines, the majority of companies may be glad if they are to be found on the 36th resultpage if even at all! And this is where the rat-race begins. The race to get the best google ranking. Welcome to the world of SEO-marketing. In clear language: Search Engine Optimization. There are companies who offer services for other companies to get a better ranking on Google and other searchengines. And they have been doing so for years. What’s interesting though is how these SEO companies have to evolve with the Google searchengine to keep offering better services.
As Google keep refining their searchengine with better algorithms,rules and therefor, better results it is almost becoming a national sport to get higher page rankings. Some old tricks from the beginning of this century just don’t work anymore and even can get you penaltied and as a result get your dear website kicked out of the Google index! Today some new tricks are here to lure Google into thinking it’s giving the searcher a better result. Google is up to a major task to keep their searchengine clean with quality search results.
So what does a company with a new website want? They want to be found for a cheap price, so they can generate more traffic, visitors, customers and from there more revenue and profit. It’s that simple. But behind this simplicity lies a complex answer… At least, for the rugged and simple entrepreneur who just wants to sell like he always does and doesn’t know a damn thing about the internet. The only thing he knows is that internet today is ‘very important’ for a company. Even his! Many SEO companies forget that a lot of companies don’t know about terms such as page rankings, keywords, SEO-marketing, tags and labels. They just want to be found. This is where dutch company Google Vindbaarheid comes in. It bridges the gap between Google and big but simple companies. Cheap, fast and quick. These are the terms those companies are familiair with. If more SEO would concentrate on that more companies could end at the top of Google searchresults. But than again… There’s no room for everyone at the top! And so the rat race still goes on. Check to see how they approach their customers. No worries for the BIG SEO-companies as solely targets the dutch companies. For now.

~ door nathalie op april 10, 2010.

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